Subaru Impreza Turbo - For Sale

It started out as a silver Year 2000 saloon (last of the classic shape) Euro import, with Air Conditioning.

Engine: Its a realistic 330-340bhp, every day any day, its turn key, wouldn't know its not standard.

Chassis/Drivetrain: Brakes: Inside:


Intended to look standard, certainly you can tell its lowered and the 17 wheels maybe give it away

Its been serviced fanatically by its first owner and then by myself, Roger Clarke Motorsport, and Subaru Specialists, oil changes every 3000-5000 miles Mobil1 15w50 or Motul Comp 300v. If I was keeping it jobs that I would do:

Removable tow bar is no longer removable, never bothered me, but guess would be nice to be able to remove it.
Front plastic very lower lip of bumper, paint is coming off
Car "thinks" a door is open - red light on dash, guess its a door switch/some wiring
Selling as its a 3rd car and I just don't use it much, I have had a lot of fun but time to move on, its a fantastic car


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